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Here you will find helpful career tips from A-Z. Are you a career starter and don't know where up and down is? Maybe you are just looking for tips for a successful job interview. Our guide covers it all.

Career Starters

Once you graduate from college, you’ll probably want to take it to the next level and work in a business or company having a job that’s just like the one you’ve always dreamed of. We answer all your questions and give you helpful tips. Learn more »
Strong superhero with many professional strengths

Check out these 20 professional strengths and use them for your job interview to make a great impression.

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You want to earn some extra money during the summer? We present you the 10 best jobs for teenagers.

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Learn all about what you need to do to pursue a career as a pharmacist.


In our series of articles on digitalization and digital transformation you will find up-to-date information on how digital processes and tools affect business operations and the world we live in. With this knowledge you will be well-equipped to embrace and implement necessary changes! Learn more »
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Remote work is becoming increasingly popular because it offers benefits to employers and employees.

Laptop Employee Meeting

Managing virtual teams with the right project management tools.

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Virtual team building as a strategic initiative should thus be approached actively by every HR department and manager. Learn more here!

Employment Law

If you are looking for more information, browse through our series of articles on various aspects of labor law and learn everything you need to know to protect your rights. Learn more »
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If you are on probation period and pregnant or know someone who is – this article will help you understand the legal situation.

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Ever wondered what the main differences between part-time and full-time employees were? Especially in terms of holiday pay? Find the answer here.


Sexism in the workplace is still a big issue! In this article you will learn how to deal with sexism in the workplace and what you can do about it!

Job Application

In our series of articles on the entire process of a job application you will find sound information on the procedure and we can guarantee that with our tips nothing will stand in the way of your dream job! Read on for more information. Learn more »
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Just found your dream job and want to apply immediately? Simply send out your existing resume?

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Are you among the newly graduated job seekers looking for possible job openings in various companies? Learn how to write a great unsolicited application letter!

A woman that is dressed in red, sitting on a chari holding her resume in her right hand

Have you set your sights on your dream job, but are struggling to write the perfect resume?

Money & Salary

Salary is the financial remuneration of an employer for the work performed by an employee. The employment contract specifies what obligations an employee has and what payment he or she receives in return. If you are looking for more information on the application process in general, we have a lot of resources and tips for you! Learn more »
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Are you looking for ways to make money online? Then check out our 30 tips with salary expectations and requirements!


Have you ever been asked to take on more responsibility or additional responsibilities without the promise of a pay raise?


Do I have to report my present annual salary? The current trend is to provide a salary range rather than salary history.

Part Time Jobs

A part-time job is a type of employment with less working hours compared to full-time positions provided by the same company. Even though there is no legal definition, part-time positions typically set out less than 35 hours work per week. Here you can learn everything about part time jobs and find helpful tips. Learn more »
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Check out this guide on great summer vacation jobs for teens and college students.

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Looking for a part-time job but don’t know which to choose? How about one of the best paying ones. You can find them right here.

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Looking for a high paying part-time job to supplement your income? Here are 17 ideas for you.

Soft Skills

Soft Skills is a term used to describe personality traits needed to have success on the job. In contrast to hard skills, which are to be understood as functional skills or know how required to perform a specific job, soft skills are relevant for all professions and even in private life. You want to improve your soft skills? Here are useful tips! Learn more »

Have you ever wondered how you can (better) incorporate empathy at work? In this article, we will show you how to develop empathy at work.

Employees have a conflict at work

Wherever people work together, sooner or later conflict occurs and disagreement or a difficult conversation may be inevitable. Learn how to resolve a conflict!

employees laugh in a positive work environment

Your work environment is toxic or even hostile? With this 8 simple steps you can create a positive work environment by your own. Everyone will benefit from it!

Termination of employment

The termination of an employment relationship is rarely simple. If you are looking for further information, you can check our content on this topic and search for the right answers, regardless of whether a contract must be terminated for behavioral or performance-related reasons or even voluntarily. Check your rights as an employer and terminate a contract properly! Learn more »
A letter with the title Termination of Employment

Writing a termination letter is not always easy. Here you find all the basic information on how to write a employee termination (+examples).

Happy Businesswoman quitting job and set new career goals.

Learn about answer examples for the difficult interview question, “Why did you leave your last job?”

Businessman sending a resignation letter with two weeks notice to employer boss.

Learn about what two weeks’ notice means and also get a template on how to write a two-week notice letter.

Work Environment

Are you looking for a new job and are you aware of the importance of choosing a work environment that suits you? Here you find out all about Work Environment. Learn more »

Are you no longer comfortable at your job and have felt like quitting for a while?


The entire employee onboarding process in 5 easy steps.


Racism in the workplace comes in various forms.