Best paying jobs in consumer services (+ tips for entry-level professionals)

January 08, 2023 Β β€’Β  Reading Time: 10 min.

The consumer industry is huge and there are plenty of job opportunities.

But what are really the best-paying jobs in consumer services? Is a high school diploma sufficient to land a job as a customer service manager, for example? Is answering phones really the main duty of a receptionist, or is there more to it than that?

Sounds interesting? Then read on! πŸ‘

This article is especially relevant for people who are looking for an entry-level position and have never worked any consumer services jobs. However, you should definitely also read it in case you are working in the industry already and are looking for a position with a higher average salary than your current one.

What is the consumer services industry?

Consumer services jobs are all professions that involve direct contact with customers.

So you can probably already imagine that there is a wide variety of customer service roles. Because even though all consumer service jobs focus on the customer, your day may look like sitting in your remote office answering calls, while in another job you might be standing at the front desk of a hotel working directly with customers. And while your main task on the phone could be responding to customer complaints, in another customer service job you may be scheduling appointments or checking in guests.

Smiling receptionist at a hotel front desk

What are the requirements for working in consumer services?

Whether you have a high school diploma or a Bachelor’s degree is often not that important in the consumer services field.

Instead, certain soft skills are essential and a critical part of most customer service jobs. While you may not need as many technical skills (depending on your job), qualities like empathy, good communication skills, a professional attitude, and great organizational skills are extremely important to enjoy working in customer service.

πŸ’‘ Tip: Read to the end of this article to find out what soft skills you should hone if this is your first time looking for jobs in consumer services.

Which service industry pays the most?

As already mentioned, there are many different professions in the customer services industry – and thus also a wide range of average annual salary.

Best-paying jobs in consumer services

  • Customer service management
  • Technical support
  • Account management

➑️ These are among the consumer service positions with the highest salaries.

Best entry-level positions in consumer services

  • Call center agent
  • Flight attendant
  • Receptionist

➑️ These are examples of good entry-level customer service positions with a decent average salary.

Illustration of various kinds of consumer services

Do you already have a specific customer service position in mind, or are you primarily focused on providing excellent customer service, no matter which career?

In any case, check out our top eight examples of the highest paying jobs in consumer services!

Examples of the 8 best paying consumer services jobs

πŸ“ Note: Our list also includes many entry-level consumer service jobs! And our very first example is already truly one of the best paying jobs in consumer services.

Example #1: Account manager

Account managers supervise all employees attending to an account.

In doing so, they ensure that everyone does their part to achieve the desired result. They must therefore be able to communicate effectively with their team and explain to them exactly what needs to be done to accomplish a particular outcome.

πŸ“ Note: Most account managers have a degree in Business Administration, usually a Bachelor’s degree.

Other requirements for account managers

If you are applying to be an account manager, you should have experience in project management and in leading employees. In addition, excellent communication skills are simply invaluable in this profession.

Example #2: Bank teller

Bank tellers are the figurehead of a bank.

Their main task is to process financial transactions. They are thus in charge of processing customer transactions such as deposits or withdrawals, cashing checks and granting loans.

Requirements for job seekers

To get a job in this occupation, you will need at least a high school diploma. In many cases, an Associate’s degree or Bachelor’s degree, such as in Business Administration, is even better.

Example #3: Call center representative

Customer service representative at work holding her headset and typing on keyboard

Call center representatives handle inbound and outbound calls regarding customer issues.

This means that they are the first point of contact for customers who want to learn more about a particular product or service, or who want to leave a complaint. The position is perfect for people who love customer contact and communication, but at the same time want to work from home, as it is quite common nowadays to no longer physically work in a call center.

Requirements for a career as a call center representative

This job is an excellent entry-level position, as all you need is a high school diploma. However, an essential requirement is that you are good at communicating on the phone and also have the drive to talk practically non-stop during the course of a work day.

Example #4: Customer service representative

This job is also very well suited for career starters, as you will most likely be able to quickly advance to customer service manager.

Customer service representatives handle customer inquiries and help resolve them. This job is important for numerous industries and therefore offers good career prospects. Plus, you can often choose which field you want to work in: In the hospitality industry, in the technology industry, or perhaps in healthcare? You could also work in retail customer support, for example!

Main tasks of a customer service representative

As a customer service representative, you will be responsible for answering consumer queries. In addition to providing helpful information to customers, this role will often require you to handle complaints as well.

Example #5: Customer service manager

Customer service managers track their customers’ experiences by observing how customer service representatives interact with them.

This means that a customer service manager is mainly managing the total call volume, the whole staff, the types of issues, and also how to resolve those. Sometimes customer service representatives will consult them to help with a call and deal directly with a customer, but often they work in the background.

Prerequisites to become a customer service manager

To get a job in this profession, you need customer service and/or management experience and excellent communication skills. A Bachelor’s degree is an advantage here, but not essential. What is more important is the experience you have already gained in this field and the desire to always ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Example #6: Flight attendant

Flight attendants at work serving drinks to passengers

Flight attendants are usually hired by private and commercial airlines.

πŸ’‘ Tip: With a commercial airline, the average salary is decent, but if you really want to earn a handsome salary as a flight attendant, you should look for private companies.

The main duties in this job include greeting and assisting passengers, instructing them on safety equipment, and serving food and drinks. Between flights, flight attendants also test emergency equipment and clean the cabin.

Requirements for a career as a flight attendant

This customer service job requires excellent interpersonal communication skills and a great deal of patience. In addition, a high school diploma or GED is the minimum requirement to begin training.

πŸ“ Note: A Bachelor’s degree is not a requirement for initial employment, but may be necessary for career advancement.

Example #7: Receptionist

Is answering phone calls all day really the main job of a receptionist?

No, definitely not. When a receptionist or concierge isn’t answering phones, they have a lot of other duties. These include overseeing check-in and check-out, greeting customers, answering emails, and other assigned tasks.

πŸ“ Note: This profession offers a wide variety of duties. Medical receptionists, for example, are often responsible for scheduling appointments. If, on the other hand, you work at the front desk of a company, you are probably mainly in charge of greeting clients and performing administrative tasks.

Requirements for job seekers

A Bachelor’s degree is not required to work as a receptionist. You can learn almost anything with a high school diploma or simply β€œon the job”. However, some higher level positions may require a degree in Management, Communications, or Business.

Example #8: Technical support engineer

Technical support engineers are entrusted with the technical aspects of a business.

Among other things, they make sure that computer hardware and software run efficiently. Technical support engineers also answer questions and resolve any technical problems users may encounter. Therefore, they must be very well-versed in the programs they support.

πŸ“ Note: Many tech support professionals can work remotely these days, so a position doing technical assistance is perfect for remote working!

Requirements for a career asa technical support representative

For this job you need a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or IT. It is also important that you possess excellent interpersonal communication skills and a lot of patience.

πŸ’‘ Tip: This is also one of the best paying jobs in consumer services!

Technical support engineer at work writing an email while on the phone

Best paying jobs in consumer services: Essential soft skills for well-paying careers

High-paying consumer services jobs often don’t require a top degree, but they do call for excellent soft skills and hands-on experience.

To be truly successful as a customer service representative, it is therefore helpful to have a broad range of communication skills. That said, there’s nothing wrong with having specialized knowledge, of course, such as industry-specific skills or training!

By honing these and your soft skills, you can easily find the highest-paying customer service jobs and get hired successfully.

Below are examples of soft skills that promote excellent customer service:

  • Good skills in time management: This is the ability to deliver tasks and projects on time.
  • Positive attitude: If you are able to show positivity in any situation, you possess a positive attitude.
  • Strong work ethic: A strong work ethic means you are able to develop good habits, such as staying focused and motivated throughout the workday.
  • Adaptability: The ability to remain flexible and find viable alternative solutions when problems arise is truly essential to a consumer services job.

Depending on the profession, other skills such as active listeningattentivenessconflict resolution, or empathy can also be of great benefit.

πŸ’‘ Tip: Especially if you’re applying for entry-level positions and have never worked in customer service before, adding some of these skills to your resume can be a real door opener!

πŸ“ Note: If you don’t know whether or not you have some of these abilities, simply think about previous work experience you’ve gained, no matter the field.

For example, if you tutored as a high school or college student, you most likely had to be patient with your students. Likewise, if you’ve ever worked in a coffee shop or restaurant, you probably had to have a positive attitude and a strong work ethic. So don’t forget to mention these types of jobs and their associated skills in your job application!

πŸ€ Good luck with your job search and finding your dream job!

Young woman working in consumer services serving a customer at the counter

Best paying jobs in consumer services – FAQ

Are consumer services a good career path?

It’s a great career path for anyone who enjoys communicating with people. That’s because there are countless job opportunities in consumer services, and the flexibility in the industry is huge.

Can you earn decent money in consumer services?

You can definitely earn a good salary in the field of consumer services. However, your salary depends on the sector you work in, the expertise you need for the job and how much experience you already have in this profession.

What are the highest paying customer service jobs?

The best paying jobs in the consumer services industry include: 1️⃣ Account coordinator. 2️⃣ Account manager. 3️⃣ Bank teller. 4️⃣ Hedge fund manager. 5️⃣ Technical support engineer.

What are the best customer service positions from home?

The best customer service jobs where you can work from home: Customer service representative, such as online chat support agent or technical support representative.

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