Software engineer resume examples (+ how to highlight software engineer skills)

October 11, 2022  •  Reading Time: 10 min.

Job seekers in need of a software engineering job application guide: Look no further!

In this article, we’ll walk you through the process step-by-step. First, we’ll let you know why software engineers should focus specifically on the skills section of their resume, and then we’ll provide resume templates for the following job titles:

  • Entry-level software engineer
  • Senior software engineer
  • Junior developer

Last but not least, we have a full CV template for you to fill with your own information. This way, you should be able to create your best resume and impress hiring managers!

📝 Note: Be sure to read to the end, because there you will find more important tips (e.g. on the right resume format).

What should be included in a software engineering resume?

Did you know that drafting a good software engineer resume is a lot like programming?

You need to make sure you construct your sentences well, use “bug-free” grammar, and be able to adapt to new requirements immediately. Most importantly, you have to ensure that you list all your relevant skills.

This is because many employers utilize a so-called “Applicant Tracking System” (ATS). This software searches applications for major keywords like “HTML”“CSS”“JavaScript”, or “Unit Testing”.

To get through the ATS search, carefully read the job descriptions of the ads you’re interested in applying for. Compare the skills required with the skills you already possess, and then add all the relevant skills to your resume.

This way, you should be able to get through the first phase of the resume review without any problems!

Young smiling software engineer sitting at her desk

Since it’s important to focus on the software engineering skills listed in the job description, we’ve compiled a checklist that junior software engineers in particular should take a look at. With this list, you can find out which abilities are most important in a professional software engineer resume and can leave a hiring manager very impressed!

What are the most important skills on a rookie software engineer’s resume?

Let’s assume you haven’t held that many software engineer jobs yet, maybe it’s even your very first job application!

To ensure that hiring managers don’t discard your application right away because you don’t have any professional experience, you should follow the tips below:

  • Your skills section has to reflect not only the technical skills you acquired during your training, but also relevant soft skills.
  • The resume education section is a good place to show not just the training you completed, but also to list relevant coursework and special certifications.
  • If you have any personal projects (perhaps you’ve developed web apps in your spare time or even have a personal website?), be sure to include those as well.

💡 Tip: Any type of software projects you’ve previously done can be listed under “Other” or “Projects” on your software engineer resume. You can also use them to illustrate your area of expertise!

Software engineer with great technical skills

Now, take a look at our comprehensive list of the most important examples of hard and soft skills in a software engineer resume:

Hard skills in a software engineer resume

  • Programming
  • Data structures
  • Web development
  • Troubleshooting
  • Machine learning
  • Operating systems

Soft skills in a software engineer resume

  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork
  • Creative thinking
  • Conceptual skills
  • Time management skills
  • Research skills
Young software engineer with great conceptual and creative thinking skills

Is a software engineer resume summary even necessary?

A great software engineer resume must include a good resume summary.

The summary (or resume objective) is a paragraph at the very beginning of your CV. In there, you mention in concise language the job you are applying for, a summary of your experience (and/or your goals with the new company), and your best accomplishments so far.

💡 Tip: In our resume template below, we’ll describe in detail and in bullet points how to structure your resume summary (or resume objective).

Professional software engineer resume examples

If you need more resume writing tips, check out these professional resume examples.

We’ve made each software engineer resume a little different. If you’re new to the software engineering profession, you might want to take a look at Example 1. Here, we’ve focused on highlighting the relevant software engineer skills and emphasizing the education section.

If you are an experienced candidate, you should look at Example 2 as it concentrates more on a great software engineer resume summary and veteran software engineering skills. In case you are looking for positions in software development, check out Example 3!

📝 Note: We have not included any personal details other than a made-up name in our software engineering resume examples. If you would like to know how to include such specifics, take a look at our resume template.

Software engineer resume sample #1: Entry-level software engineer

Young software engineer sitting on couch working on her resume

Lara Jones

Motivated software engineering graduate with proficiency in software design, development and testing. Would like to utilize a broad educational background with excellent analytical skills to succeed as an entry-level software engineer.


  • Microsoft Office, Visual Studio, Eclipse
  • Visual Basic, C#, XML/HTML, JavaScript, CSS
  • Communication, problem-solving skills, analytical thinking

Educational background

Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering / (GPA: 3.7/4.0)

  • Relevant courses: Software systems, data structures, object-oriented design, database management systems, information security


  • Developer of a mobile solution for booking guesthouses. Finds and successfully compares the best guest house prices in a region.

Professional experience

Software Engineer Intern

  • Used object-oriented programming techniques to assist with various software development projects.
  • Credited for finding a bottleneck in the software testing process, reducing software testing time by 20%.
  • Gained a strong understanding of embedded application development by building, testing, and deploying applications.

Software engineer resume sample #2: Senior software engineer

Senior software engineer showing something to a teammate on the computer

Peggy Wu

Creative software engineer with more than 5 years of experience. Aspires to join XY to provide reliable product development services. Achievements to date include increasing code efficiency of XX’s payment portal by 55% and raising customer retention by 75%. An insightful team builder and innovative thinker looking to work as a lead software engineer at XY.

Work experience

Lead Software Engineer

  • Developed and hosted an application that scaled up to 3 million users per day.
  • Redesigned user interfaces using XYZ, reducing debugging time by 55% and increasing calls to action by 35%.
  • Led a 5-person team in creating scalable code that increased payment protection by 20%.

Software Engineer

  • Developed cloud-based technologies using C++ and Java.
  • Worked with customers to identify needs for increased functionality and communicated with engineers to develop enhancements that increased customer satisfaction by 30%.
  • Manipulated algorithms to align marketing and sales solutions, resulting in a 40% improvement in automation.


  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science


  • Languages: Python, JavaScript, C++, Java
  • Databases: SQL, NoSQL, AWS
  • Tools: jQuery, Unix
  • Frameworks: Django, React

Software engineer resume sample #3: Software developer

Software developer typing something on his laptop outdoors

Max Ferreira

During my 3-year professional career as a software developer, I have been focusing on building scalable and highly detailed code. While I enjoy working in collaboration with others, I am also able to complete projects independently. The prospect of working for a product-oriented company like ZZ is something I’m thrilled about.

Work experience

Software Developer

  • Spearheaded the migration from YY to XX to cut cloud costs by $300,000 per year.
  • Collaborated closely with product team to reconfigure invoice processing.
  • Supervised 4 front-end developers and documented best practices within the company.

Front-End Developer

  • Created reusable components that saved more than 100 hours of monthly development time.
  • Created a web application for a platform with a diverse client base to create, manage, and monitor deliveries.
  • Improved customer conversion rate by 20% through A/B testing.


  • Python, SQL, Cloud, JavaScript, Typescript, HTML/CSS


  • Master of Science in Computer Science

Software engineer: Free resume template for job seekers

Female Software Engineer Coding On Computer

Have you found a software engineer resume sample that fits your profile?

We hope you were inspired by this sample resume! Now it’s time to write your own software engineer resume. As mentioned before, we have created this resume template to assist you a little bit in this process.

🚀 Let’s get started!

Software engineer resume header

  • [Your full name]
  • [Your phone number]
  • [Your email address]

💡 Tip: Make sure you use a professional email address and, if you have one, include your LinkedIn profile or equivalent!

Software engineer resume body

  • [Resume summary/objective: Adjective – job title – years of experience – accomplishments – what you would like to achieve for the employer]
  • [Relevant skills: …]
  • [Professional experience: …]
  • [Education: …]
  • [Other/Certifications: …]

Software engineer resume attachment

Every strong software engineering resume should be accompanied by a cover letter.

Cover letters immediately add specificity and personalization to your application. Plus, unlike a generic resume sent to a dozen other employers, a cover letter demonstrates to the hiring manager that you genuinely want to work for their organization.

📝 Note: We’ve put together a comprehensive guide with examples of the perfect software engineer cover letter! Feel free to take a look at it.

💡 Tip: To make your application even more credible, you can also attach your references and a senior software engineer resume should include at least a few extra certifications.

A team of software engineers working together and celebrating success

Software engineer resume: Conclusion & helpful tips for your own resume

💪 You are now ready to write the best software engineer resume!

We have some final tips to share with you on how to format your resume. Because yes, the skills section is super important and typically hones all your relevant skills. But what if it doesn’t come across as a highlight because the formatting of your software engineering resume really doesn’t make it stand out?

  • This is why the right resume format can really set your CV apart.

To format your resume correctly, make sure it’s easy to read and doesn’t require a tedious skim by hiring managers. Did you know that many technical recruiters spend less than ten seconds on a resume?

  • For this reason, it may prove helpful to format your resume in reverse chronological order.

With this type of formatting, your greatest talents are placed at the beginning of your resume, so the hiring manager can immediately see your value.

💡 Tip: If you have no work experience at all, you can also put the skills section directly under your resume objective!

Generic resumes on a desk
  • In case of little professional experience, a personal projects section is really important.

Think about any practical projects you have done during your studies at university, for example, and make sure to reserve some space on your resume for them!

📝 Note: Generally, appropriately placed bullet points make reading the entire document easier and faster for a busy hiring manager.

🎯 With this in mind, you’re sure to land the software engineering position you’re aiming for!

When you’re writing your resume and you’re feeling a little stressed because everything is taking so long and you have to put so much work into it, always remember that this one job application might just land you your dream job.

🙌 And with those final words, good luck on your path to career success!

Illustration of software engineer and developer with laptop and tablet code

Software engineer resume – FAQ

What is the difference between a software engineer and a software developer resume?

Software engineers establish the link between the customer’s needs and technical solutions by applying systematic procedures and technical concepts. Developers, on the other hand, create a functional design.

What is a great software engineer resume example?

In the process of resume writing, try to spread your skills throughout your CV, not just in the skills section. You can place some of your abilities in the resume summary, in the work experience section, and also in the education section.

How to write the skills section for a software engineer resume?

A strong software engineer resume lists most of the skills needed (which you will find in the job description) while being as concise and to the point as possible.