How to write a two-week notice

January 08, 2023  •  Reading Time: 7 min.

Although you are not legally bound to give your current employer two weeks’ notice, there are good reasons to observe this transition period. Can you think of one reason? Before we delve deeper into this, let’s clarify what a two-week notice means.

What is two weeks’ notice?

Businessman quits his job with two weeks' notice.

With a formal resignation, you write a resignation letter and give it to your current employer. This means: It’s an official notice stating that you are quitting! But you will not leave immediately; you’re giving notice to help your employer make other arrangements. A two weeks’ notice period is the most common time frame for a resignation letter and a two weeks’ notice letter is therefore written record of your decision to your company.

Reasons for two weeks’ notice

  • A two weeks’ notice letter is part of professional courtesy. You always meet twice, so it’s good to leave on a good note.
  • This two weeks transition period will also help you draw a line in the sand, giving you time to say goodbye to your co-workers and colleagues, finish some open tasks, and help them take over your responsibilities.
  • By giving two weeks’ notice, you increase your chances of getting a good reference letter.

Please check if — although you are not legally obliged to give two weeks’ notice — you have signed other specific guidelines in your employment contracts.

A face-to-face meeting before handing over the resignation letter

You have received a great job offer and decided to go for this new position. Congratulations! But even though you already have a verbal commitment, it’s wiser to wait until you sign the employment contract. Because a verbal confirmation is not the same as a signed employment contract.

So anything can happen even when there is a job lined up. Don’t put yourself in an unexpected unemployment situation because you weren’t patient enough until the contract was signed. You don’t want to be one of the next job seekers, do you?

So when is the right time to talk to your supervisor about your resignation? After you have signed the contract with your new employer.

Termination interview in which business man mentions the two weeks' notice letter.

Before you send your boss a formal letter, we recommend that you talk to them in person. After all, a conversation is the best way to avoid disagreements and part on good terms. This also applies if you want to quit a job you have just started.

Perhaps you have already written a formal resignation letter and can hand it over immediately after the face-to-face interview. Or you could even write the two weeks’ notice letter after the interview, but on the same day. How to do that?

We’ll show you right now.

How to write a two weeks’ notice letter – template

Letter of resignation with two weeks' notice.

Use the following steps as your two weeks’ notice template:

  1. Start with the current date, like in every other formal letter.
  2. Address your two weeks’ notice letter to your company and your boss.
  3. Get straight to the point with the subject line: Formal resignation letter, letter of resignation or official resignation.
  4. Choose a formal salutation like: Dear Ms. or Dear Mr. … . Or choose a form of address that is appropriate for your situation and that you would normally use to address your direct supervisor.
  5. Start with the first paragraph and inform your employer that you are resigning from your current position. “This letter serves to announce my resignation from my current job as a {name your job title}.” Mention the two weeks’ notice and include the exact date of your last day of work.
  6. In the second paragraph, you can mention what you are grateful for, such as the job opportunity and the commitment your company has shown you. Give a brief reason why you are writing this letter of resignation.
  7. Offer to help other employees take over your duties during your notice period. And assure your employer that you will perform the same high quality work until your last day.
  8. Choose a formal or appropriate closing. For example, “Best wishes.” And sign the letter of resignation.

Your two weeks’ notice letter is now ready to be handed to your former employer.

Two weeks notice letter template:

{Current date}

{Your name}

{Your address}

{Company name}

{Company address}

Dear {Manager’s name},

Please accept this letter as my formal resignation from my position {name of current position} at {company name} effective from two weeks from {today’s date}. Thus, my last day at {company name} will be {date of last day}.

I am grateful for the opportunity to help build this small company from scratch. This has allowed me to gain a lot of experience with developing and building processes. Over the past three years, I have been able to develop many valuable skills.

But now the time has come for me to take on a new professional challenge.

I wish you and the company continued success!

Best wishes,

Jennifer Lee

Another option is to send a resignation email

Also give two weeks' notice when sending your resignation via email.

Depending on how digital your company is and how you have communicated with your direct supervisor, a two weeks’ notice letter via email is also an acceptable option for a formal resignation. If you work remotely, you should opt for an electronic resignation letter.

Two weeks notice letter template for email:

  1. Address your email to your direct supervisor. If necessary, you can also send the email to your HR representative.
  2. Write a clear subject line. For example: Official resignation, resignation letter, formal resignation.
  3. After the salutation, get straight to the reason for this email. You can also add a brief explanation without going into unnecessary detail. For example, perhaps a new job has opened up that better fits your future goals. Give two weeks’ notice and the specific date of your final day.
  4. Express gratitude! There are always things to be thankful for.
  5. Offer help to make sure it will be a smooth transition.
  6. For the completion of this electronic resignation letter, send your regards.

Electronic letter of resignation – sample letters:

Resigning by email and give two weeks' notice.

To: Manager’s name at ABC company

Subject: Two weeks’ notice letter – Resignation from {job title}

Dear {Manager’s name},

I would like to inform you that I’m resigning from my current job as {name the position} with {company name}. The cessation of my employment will be two weeks from today’s date on the {date of final day}.

I am truly grateful for the opportunities to grow and develop valuable skills at this company, and it has been a pleasure working at {company name}.

Please let me know how I can best help to make the transition period smooth for everyone.

Bests regards,

Jennifer Lee

Even if your boss accepts your two weeks’ notice letter via email, they may need a hard copy for legal reasons.

Give two weeks notice to leave a good impression

The first impression counts and the last one remains.

So what will be your final impression? In the end, the long-acquired good reputation should not be destroyed because you directly throw everything away. That would leave a negative impression in the end. Instead, giving notice at least two weeks in advance, for example, is a good way to leave on a positive note.

Your last days at the company will be decisive for how your job reference turns out. Why is this important?

Don’t underestimate how important a positive reference from your former employer is to your professional future. Time and the unexpected hits them all. But if you are one of the job seekers applying for a job, having good references from your former employers will most likely get you the job!

You can find more tips on writing a termination letter and how to terminate an employment contract here.

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